Business Practices

The Challenge
“Quality is not only right, it is free. What costs money are the ‘unquality’ things—all the actions that involve not doing jobs right the first time.”
Malcolm Baldrige

The Company
Bruce L. Adams & Company is a restoration specialist dedicated to preserving, restoring and maintaining the classic Mercedes Benz 190 SL. All projects accepted by Bruce L. Adams & Company are defined by you and our company working together. You, the owner of your 190SL, are involved throughout the entire restoration process. So that attention can be focused on a specific project, only a few cars are done each year. This focus on each client and each individual project achieves the goal of a high quality 190SL restoration. Particular attention is paid to detail and authenticity.

The Commitment
Bruce L. Adams & Company’s commitment is to restore your Classic to factory specifications with unmitigated attention to detail and authenticity. Many hours of research go into restoring your car. This knowledge ensures the proper plating techniques, color selections, materials replacement and proper reproduction of 190SL factory original parts. We pride ourselves on the authenticity of our restorations.

Our Objective
At Bruce L. Adams & Company, our objective is for you to have a highly competitive Concours motor car. Even if you choose the car for sheer enjoyment, you can be rest assured of show class quality work. These automobiles were limited in production, so only the few can acquire a Classic. Our job is to help our customers maintain the quality and integrity of the Automobile as it was intended, while also realizing the maximum value for your investment.

Your Selection
The first step is to identify what you want your end-product to be and how you will use it. We will work with you to help find the proper car to meet your goal, whether it be a high quality street car, or for the perfectionist, a show class competitor. Arrangements can be made to evaluate a car wherever it may be.
No two restorations are exactly alike. Part of the selection process involves working together to define the project, given the car and the goal you have selected. Keep in mind: The selection of a suitable car to restore will have a major impact on your final cost.

Mercedes 190 SL

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“Restoration is detailing the details. 80% of the time is spent doing the last 20% of the project. Our approach to restoration is investing for the future while embracing values from the past. Our advice…do it once and do it right the first time.”
Bruce L. Adams

Commitment to Perfection 190 SL

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