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Jim Bowdring – Boston, MA

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking” This quote by Henry Ford some 90 years ago was one I heard repeatedly by my father as I was growing up and working at the family business. It’s also one I couldn’t help but recall as I saw my helpless 190 loaded onto a trailer as it made its trek from New England to North Carolina. Am I making the right move sending my beloved machine to a garage that’s almost 800 miles away? There’s probably a few dozen competent classic benz mechanics right here in New England alone! The answer? ….a resounding “yes”. I am completely satisfied with Bruce & his team of professionals. My award winning car never looked or performed as well as it does since its Carolina visit. I think the preeminent 190 expert with 4 decades of experience and the author of 3 books on the subject is the only person I could ever trust with my vehicle. Thanks much Bruce….for “doing it right”

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Shahab Abdessalam

It is without reservation that I would like to share my experiences with Bruce. My 1957 190SL journey started when I was 3 years old. My father was in the middle of a “tune up” in 1971, and never finished it (if you knew my father, you would understand that he had difficulty finishing projects). I don’t remember that tune up, but I know that, on many occasions, I sat and stared at that beautiful car dreaming of the day that I would be able to drive it. It sat in a garage untouched for the next 32 years, until he passed away in 2003. It was at that time that my brothers and sister all decided that I would “get the car” as I would be most likely to get the car working again. It then moved garages, but still sat untouched until 2006. I found a Mercedes mechanic in Columbus, Ohio who managed to get the engine refurbished and got the car working to the point that I could drive it.

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Ken Nagele – Orange County, CA

Hello Bruce! Thank you so much for your W121 Coupe and Roadster book that I just received in the mail. It is fabulous! The 190SL was my very first car that I bought when I was 18. The 190SL still remains my favorite car now at age 65. I thought I knew everything about 190SLs, but after just skimming the book, it is obvious I don’t. The book is well laid out and the pictures are amazing. I hope to purchase another 190SL before I die. In fact, you can bury me in it. If I lived closer to you, I would probably be dropping by and making a pest of myself all the time. I live in Anaheim, CA, so you are safe.
Thank you again. I will treasure this book forever.

Jeanette Heidmann

I first met Bruce Adams at the 1993 190SL convention in Virginia. I had owned my ’56 190SL for 10 years at that point and while it drove, I knew it needed work. Bruce was still in Massachusetts at the time, within 30 miles of where I had stored my ’56 before heading to the DC area. I had corresponded with Mercedes Benz when stationed in Germany and learned the paint and interior colors of my baby had been changed from the original over the years. All this had to be set straight. Yet I wanted to do some of the work myself – would Bruce agree to such a proposition? He did agree, and over the next several months, I got lots of grease under my fingernails and Bruce’s team made the body and interior shine to its original glory. A week spent with Bruce’s’ team brought all the pieces together and the finished product was amazing. Recently, after 20 more years of owning the car, I decided it was time to part with it. Because of the long professionally recognized reputation of Bruce, and the still excellent condition of the vehicle, it sold the same day he posted an impressive listing on his web site. He is definitely the go to expert for this type of work as well as a real pleasure to work with. Many fond memories of the entire process. Thanks Bruce.

Drew Meyer – Dallas TX

It is with pleasure that I write a few words about my relationship and experience with Bruce. I came to know him around 1990, when I had ‘restored’ my 190SL in Texas to the point that I could drive it and even show it off a bit, if no one looked closely anyway (like, under the hood). I knew I had to have it done right, and on Will Samples recommendation I met with Bruce, then turned the car over to him for a complete and proper restoration. The process was everything I could have hoped for. I could see the progress, and could tell it was being done well and for a just price. My trust in Bruce was justified in every respect during the months this took. Then I enjoyed the car for almost two decades and thousands of miles, several times benefiting from either his advice or his actual touch, before giving it back into his care for a mini re-restoration. An offer to purchase it at that point was sufficient that I decided to part with it. That’s the bones of our history, but I want to stress that while I remember the car fondly, it is a much more pleasant memory that I found someone I could trust.

Christian Nast – Auto Sommelier

Bruce Adams lives by the thesis of under promise and over deliver. His credo is that good is not good enough. He is always accessible and willing to answer any question, no matter how basic it is.Without reservation, I would recommend him highly.

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