Do you accept any 190 SL model for restoration?
We are focused as a restoration company on high quality concours opportunities. This means a very nice driver and/or show class 190 SL. We also have a passion for restoring the 190 SLR vintage racing and rallye model.

How long does the restoration process take in general?
A customer should plan on a 18 month process. Good things are worth waiting for.

Can I follow the restoration process online?
Absolutely. We are a proponent of using the computer for billing, sending weekly jpgs, and general status emails.

Is my car insured during restoration?
We request that your 190 SL insurance coverage is maintained by you during the restoration process.

What kind of information do you need from a prospective customer?
The first step is to provide us the opportunity to see the project car and inspect it as a potential candidate. I always encourage potential customers to visit the shop for a couple of days to assist in building a budget for the project. We use this opportunity for you to get to know us better, see our process, and assist in your cars evaluation. One of my objectives is to be better friends with you after the restoration process than before we get started. This first visit is a step in that direction.

Where can I find referrals?
The “Clients” section of this website under “Restored Examples”, list previous customers. Feel free to contact them on their experience. We would be happy to provide you any contact information required.

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